Top tips to keep your hair safe from chlorine and salt this summer.

Updated: Apr 14

We all know Summer in Perth consists of many warm days in the pool and by the beach, but did you know chlorine and saltwater could be seriously damaging your hair?

But before you head inside and crank the aircon instead, make yourself a cocktail and read how both you and your hair can enjoy a dip and stay protected this Summer.

1. Shower/ apply pre-beach treatment before swimming

Hair soaks up salt/chlorine like a sponge, so if you soak up someone else first, like fresh water, leave-in conditioner or hair oil, there's less room to absorb salt and other chemicals.

Crimped tip: If you need help sourcing a sun-safe hair oil, let us know before your appointment and we can order you in some. A crowd favourite is the Bondi Boost Elixir Oil.

2. Wear a hat

Not just a fashion statement, keep your hair out of the harsh sun with a cute hat. This will protect your hair from the hear but also stop your scalp from drying out or burning, causing dandruff.

3. Use a UV protection spray

We all know tanning is skin cells in trauma, but what about your hair's trauma! WARNING: A common myth about your hair is about to be busted! Did you know the sun in fact doesn't make your hair blonder but actually makes it fade faster and create serious dryness!

To help prevent this UV hair protection spray is a must (it's like sunscreen for your hair).

4. Avoid the big chop until after summer

Although trims are good to keep your hair looking fresh, keep any big chops until after Summer - hair needs to be longer and heavier to deal with humidity and stress caused by the sun and salt.

5. Shower after swimming

Rinsing your hair straight after a swim is great to prevent the build-up of salt or chemicals. If your shampooing soon after too, try one that's super hydrating to rejuvenate your hair.

6. Use a hair treatment

Re-hydrate, replenish, and soothe your hair and scalp with a leave-in treatment after a beach swim or pool session.

7. Be careful how you dry your hair

What if we told you the cure to messy, frizzy post-shower hair is simply found in an old T-shirt? Did you know towels absorb too much moisture from our hair, when all we really need is to absorb the excess water? This is where your old shirt comes in... Without the rough grooves of a towel, the flat surface of a shirt or micro-fibre towel allows water to sink in and slides over the hair instead of roughing it up!

So next time you go to grab the dryer or towel, grab a t-shirt or reverse air dryer instead.

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